How Aerial Yoga Trapeze Can Help You Achieve Deeper Backbends

Take On The Challenge Of Aerial Yoga Trapeze
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Is Aerial Yoga Trapeze The Right Thing For You To Do?

Aerial yoga trapeze will defy gravity in ways you never thought possible. It’s an exhilarating form of fitness and exercise you must try. You will be able to perform like a trapeze artist but without the same risks. Practicing air yoga will allow you to perform various yoga trapeze poses that may be harder to do on the ground.

What Is Aerial Yoga Trapeze?

You can refer to aerial yoga trapeze as yoga body trapeze, yoga hammock, yoga swing, and more. Fitness studios will advertise aerial yoga classes with names like “Anti-Gravity” and “Acrobat” yoga. You’ll come across different names out there in order to gain or spark your interest in trying out aerial yoga trapeze.

Aerial yoga or air yoga is an umbrella phrase to capture all of these terms. The different wording can cause some confusion, especially, if you are new to air yoga. The terms are synonymous when you’re discussing air yoga for the most part.

Air yoga is a physical form of inversion exercise. What is inversion exercise? The term inversion is the act of being either partially or fully upside down. The purpose of being inverted is to reverse the effect that gravity places on your muscles, joints, and spine. This specific yoga activity is usually done upside down to stretch and lengthen the spine. The purpose is to relieve pain and stress found in the back and neck as a result.

Take On The Challenge Of Aerial Yoga Trapeze To Achieve Deeper Backbends!

How Will Aerial Yoga Trapeze Benefit You

The primary benefit that air yoga will provide you is the practical approach to pain relief. You can perform a series of aerial yoga routines to stretch out your body. The advantage of aerial yoga will give your body the physical practice of stretch in different positions.

Unlike floor yoga routines which limit these particular types of yoga stretches needed to relieve the pain. Those suffering from back issues to yoga practitioners will use air yoga for that very reason. Others will seek aerial yoga as an alternative healing therapy as opposed to the traditional methods often applied today.

Please keep in mind; air yoga is not strictly about by hanging upside down. It’s now okay to breathe a sigh of relief. It’s understandable in how this can be scary if your new to this form of yoga exercise. You can now eliminate this concern or worry about performing this kind of physical activity! There are yoga exercise routines where you will be in an upright position to practice a series of yoga poses.

Where Can You Practice Aerial Yoga Trapeze?

Aerial Yoga Trapeze Studios

You may find air yoga classes that teach yoga trapeze poses near you. Many air yoga studios will offer beginner classes to advanced classes as well. Be sure to read their program requirements before making a commitment to them. You don’t want to end up with a long-term contract at signup.

You need to know where you stand as a student with them. They should be providing you with structure and guidance. Examine the yoga equipment for your own safety. Remember you are learning an entirely new set of skills and techniques that will require proper assistance from them.

Aerial Yoga Trapeze At Home

You can do yoga trapeze poses from the convenience of your home. It’s a perfect way to practice aerial yoga at your own learning pace. You won’t have to deal with crowded rooms or feel uncomfortable with others around you.

You will eventually need to learn how to perform yoga on your own. It’s essential to cultivate the skill of doing aerial yoga on your own, without reliance on a teacher. Developing the necessary skills and proper techniques on your own will boost your confidence and desire to learn more.

Many beginners to advanced yoga students practice air yoga from home due to busy schedules. Having the aerial yoga trapeze at your disposal offers the ease and convenience of practicing at home. You can also focus on the combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation while practicing at home as well.

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What Type Of Aerial Yoga Supplies Will Come With Aerial Yoga Trapeze?

Aerial yoga equipment will include aerial yoga hammocks, yoga swing stands, rigs, and more. The aerial yoga gear is made of the highest of standards. It will withstand heavy usage from yoga exercise routines.

All aerial yoga equipment went through factory testing beforehand. You will have the confidence knowing how safe it is. The standard kits will come with all pieces of aerial yoga gear you will need to practice your aerial moves. Explore what yoga gear supplies that come with the kit.

Take On The Challenge Of Aerial Yoga Trapeze To Achieve Deeper Backbends!How To Hang The Aerial Yoga Trapeze At Home 

Setup is fast and easy no matter whether it’s an aerial yoga trapeze or an aerial yoga sling. You can install them from the inside of your doorway or outside from a beam, bar, swing set, or an aerial yoga stand. Here is a brief video demonstration to highlight the basics of setting up a yoga trapeze for yourself.

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How Video Tutorials Will Help You Learn To Do Aerial Yoga Trapeze At Home

I recommend doing your homework before you attempt to try air yoga at home. There are yoga trapeze tutorials readily available to teach you. You will learn how to properly do the basic poses to the more advanced movements. The online streaming videos and DVDs will allow you to get familiar with the aerial trapeze. They will teach on how to efficiently and safely perform the different types of aerial yoga poses as well.Take On The Challenge Of Aerial Yoga Trapeze To Achieve Deeper Backbends!

The role of an experienced teacher will play a crucial part when learning aerial yoga. Please do not underestimate just how essential an experienced teacher will be to you. Everything you learn to do in aerial yoga will require a qualified teacher to show you how to do aerial yoga correctly. You will need the guidance and instruction from an experienced teacher who has the in-depth knowledge and physical understanding of aerial yoga.

The aerial videos will have an experienced teacher to instruct you on the yoga movements. The teacher will guide you through each pose, explaining in detail how to overcome any difficulties that you might have. The teacher will also advise on what is better for you as a beginner or if you have specific areas that you need to enhance.

Get Your Own Aerial Yoga Trapeze Today!

Why not give aerial yoga trapeze a try. Not only will you physically improve yourself but have fun and enjoyment in doing it. Start getting in great shape by getting yourself an aerial yoga trapeze today!

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4 Replies to “How Aerial Yoga Trapeze Can Help You Achieve Deeper Backbends”

  • Wow, really sounds interesting! It’s the first time I’ve actually heard of it. I love doing yoga. Will this type of yoga have an impact on my mental health too? I mean will it put the mind at ease? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Mysa,

      Aside from the physical benefits, aerial yoga trapeze will improve your mind as well. You will be performing various yoga poses that will go against gravity. The hormones become activated that will improve your mood and help you feel more energetic. Your mind will feel more at ease and relax as a result.

      Thank you for your comments and questions.

  • Excellent article. I have seen people using aerial yoga, but did not know what it was called or what it was used for. Regards to back pain…Can aerial yoga affect the alignment of the spine to straighten out the spine and improve that alignment? Thanks again.

    • Hi Latricia,

      First and foremost, I will always default to seeking medical advice from a physician or expert first when dealing with the spine. I also will recommend speaking with Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) who may be of further assistance to you as well.

      A way to train your body mechanics and spinal alignment properly and with incredibly fast results is on a Yoga Swing. You can practice pose variations that are excellent for spinal alignment while centering around the core and stabilization of the hips.

      Please review the following article to get a clearer perspective on how a yoga swing will improve spinal alignment.

      Thank you for your question and positive comment.

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