What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?

What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?
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Chronic Neck Pain Exercises You Can Do At Home!

Chronic neck pain exercises are something you can perform at home. Struggling with neck pain is never fun. Dealing with chronic neck pain stiffness on a daily basis hurts us. Nagging pain that runs down our neck never goes away. Feeling down on ourselves because we can’t seem to accomplish anything. Wishing the unnerving pain would just disappear.

What Are The Causes Of Chronic Neck Pain?

There are several hosts of reasons that lead to chronic neck pain stiffness. Being able to cover it all won’t be part of this discussion. However, there are primary factors that may impact it. Technology, lifestyle, and work are primary reasons that can increase our neck pain issues. Overlapping them will add to chronic neck pain stiffness as well.


We live in an age of technology. Our dependency on technology is part our everyday lives. We are tech hungry. Most of us own devices like smartphones, desktops computers, tablets, and more. Not to mention, we possess a combination of some or all them. It perfectly demonstrates just how much we love having technology around us.


We are not nearly as physically active as for prior generations before us. Humans from the past had manually work intensive agricultural jobs to survive. Working the farms, feeding the livestock, and making meals were the past normal. Supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and more are the consumption replacements we have today.

Further, identifying technology as our main entertainment is the new normal to us. We’re viewing television, streaming videos, playing video games, and so on for hours on end. Our proclivity for outdoor activities is far less in comparison to past generations.


Our labor force is moving further away from physically demanding jobs. Desk jobs are the current leading standard. We are sitting at a desk in front of computers for countless hours. Our bodies are lying in fixed positions for an extensive period. We are just not moving around enough as past humans once did.

Taking in these factors by combining them suggests that we are less physically active. Our bodies are functioning in repetitious positions for a length of time. Typing on keyboards while sitting or peering down at a smartphone for a few minutes at a time. We are forcing to some degree of physical stress on ourselves.

The stress on parts of our bodies will originate from these sorts of everyday activities. We begin to develop poor posture in the process. The chronic neck pain, in this case, is the culprit to our discomfort.

What Kinds Of Chronic Neck Pain Relief Exercises To Focus On?

There are a plethora of physical exercises you can do to alleviate neck pain. The key is finding exercises that focus on stretching. We have a habit of neglecting this physical activity. Concentrating all of our attention on exercise routines but forget to practice stretch. We don’t allocate the necessary time to stretch in fitness activities including weightlifting, jogging, walking, aerobics, and more.

Studies will suggest stretching is ideal to do before and after physical forms of activity. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching will offer several benefits to the body.

“Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion about your joints. Better flexibility may:

  • Improve your performance in physical activities
  • Decrease your risk of injuries
  • Help your joints move through their full range of motion
  • Enable your muscles to work most effectively

Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle. You may learn to enjoy the ritual of stretching before or after hitting the trail, ballet floor or soccer field.”

Why Should Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Include Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art that focuses on stretching your muscles along with many other things. Balance, flexibility, strength, mindfulness, pain relief, and more are other benefits yoga can do for you. Yoga can help in relieving pain throughout the body as well.

You can build a strong foundation by applying yoga exercises. Focusing on areas of the body that require attention is key to pain treatment. Yoga poses will target specific muscles that need stretching out. Eventually, you will feel the difference in practicing various yoga routines. Relieving the signs of chronic neck pain will be an invigorating experience for you.

What Are The Types Of Yoga Exercises For Neck Pain Can You Try?

Here are a few basic yoga poses for you to try at home. Depending on your yoga experience, you should find them beneficial. Practicing these different yoga exercises will take time and effort on your part. There is no quick fix to remediate chronic neck pain stiffness. Hopefully, practicing these yoga poses will give you some neck pain relief.

Beginner students who are new to yoga will be learning the basic yoga poses. Establishing stable yoga poses will build your base for future growth. If you decide to develop your yoga skills, you will have the basics down to expand on. You will then be able to level up to intermediate yoga poses to further assist with neck pain relief.

Experience yoga students will find this as a refresher course. Even though these yoga poses may seem obvious, you may have forgotten them. Refining these original yoga poses will be beneficial to improving them. Besides, these yoga poses are part of yoga sequences that you will want to keep current.

What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?


What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?


What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?

Don’t stop here. Challenging yourself further is the key to yoga growth. Having yoga equipment will also help to relieve chronic neck pain ailments. Implementing yoga exercises like aerial yoga trapezeyoga wheels, and parallette bars will push you to do more.

Note: Please consult with a medical professional if you’re having severe neck pain issues.

What Kinds Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can Yoga Videos Provide?

Yoga video downloads or streaming yoga videos are great options to learn yoga at home. More specifically, there are yoga videos that focus on chronic neck pain relief exercises. They will nicely demonstrate the different yoga poses you will need to do to relieve the pain.

Each streaming yoga video will have certified yoga instructors to guide you. The importance of having yoga instructors are invaluable. They will get you on the right path. Giving you the proper instructions and support is what they are there to do. Your learning pace will advance quicker versus trying to figuring it on your own. Taking advantage of their yoga expertise will make a huge difference in alleviating your neck pain.

Take Control Of Your Neck Pain Today!

Doing these chronic neck pain relief exercises will help to alleviate the pain. Rather than allowing the chronic neck pain stiffness to haunt your everyday life, you can do something about it. The sooner you begin practicing these yoga exercises, the sooner you'll be on the road to recovery by starting today!

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6 Replies to “What Types Of Chronic Neck Pain Exercises Can You Do From Home?”

  • Ok, this came right in the nick of time. I was recently noticing an uncomfortable feeling or tiredness in the back of my neck. I assumed it was from looking down at my laptop and cellular device. It’s now confirmed by your informative posts. I see that there are ways to alleviate this pain that I am feeling. I also understand that there may be underlying conditions, however, being aware of these stretches can possibly delay a trip to the emergency room. How should I start out with these yoga exercises to help my neck pain since I’m new to yoga? Thank you for sharing this intriguing information.

    • Hi Linda,

      I will always recommend for beginners of yoga to learn the basics. You have to learn and understand the fundamentals to yoga in order to be successful.

      The yoga poses demonstrated in this article are a few of the basics poses you can try for yourself. If you need additional help, I recommend you connect with a certified yoga instructor who will guide and teach you the correct way to perform them. You can also stream yoga videos to practice from the convenience of your home as well.

      Thank you for your comments and feedback.
      Best of wishes.

  • Hi James. This is the ideal site for me as I suffer not only from neck pain but also back and other pains. This is an interesting article and I will definitely try out the basic poses. I love how the whole post is clearly set out and the information is easy to locate. I think I developed my pain from a combination of things, one was from sitting behind a desk as a bank manager for many years and secondly from a car accident and thirdly from the hard physical work I have done in other years and now. I will also need to revisit your site to check out your other posts. Particularly the one for us oldies. I never tried yoga but it is something that has always fascinated me. Can you recommend where I should start with yoga?

    • Hi Jim,

      Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear neck pain and others forms of physical pain often affect many people. Between years of job-related activities and aging with time can produce all sorts of pain issues.

      I highly recommend consulting with a health professional like a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) along with a certified yoga instructor to help guide you with yoga exercises.

      Hope this will put onto the right path to learning yoga.

      Thank you for your positive feedback.

  • Wow thanks! This is so helpful! I’m new to yoga and wanted to know where should I begin in yoga exercises? Thank you again for the wonderful article.

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