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Our Commitment To You is created for the purpose to help others with everything evolving around yoga.  The website was designed to offer new articles and insightful reviews as a useful guide for all.  It doesn’t matter if you’re active yoga practitioner or someone wanting to learn more about yoga the website is for everyone.  There will be additional subjects in the health and fitness genre that’s indirectly related to yoga posted on the site as well.  The hope is you will find the website as a point of interest and a place to conduct a conversation about yoga and other health and fitness related subject matters.

Brief Background Information

I have spent most of life in the health and fitness industry.  I’ve probably witnessed and participated in many alternative kinds of medicine and exercise.  I always had an open mind towards trying new things that others would see as odd or unusual.  I never felt as an individual that you should limit or place restrictions on yourself until you at least tried it first.  I saw the world as an opportunity to learn and explore new ideas and original concepts.  I enjoyed the uniqueness of others and believed they had just as much to offer to all of us.  I thought the world would be a boring, mundane place to live if we didn’t have some form of change.

I was heavily into the natural herbal diet with emphasis on Eastern medicine along with a healthy diet restriction.  I continue to maintain a daily regimen of weight-lifting and cardiovascular exercising.  In addition to that, I manage to stay current with Isshin-Ryu Karate by practicing katas and physical requirements from the art.  I continue to monitor my physique through correct dieting and proper weight management.  My mind remains wide open in everything I do in life.

Philosophy Of Success

I continue to feel that positive change is necessary for individuals to grow and advance in the world.  I believe you have to work hard to reach a newer standard in life.  Of course, change is never easy.  It requires small steps which build into more steps that will eventually lead to success.

We all learn from someone else to become successful at whatever we are trying to do.  We’re not necessarily born to be successful, we just need someone to teach and guide us through the process.  That someone being a mentor who will lead you onto the path of success.

I had the great fortune of a mentor who taught me success that changed my life forever.  I hope to mentor you in some way through this website in order for you to reach success in whatever that may be.  The guidance and knowledge offered through this site is my small contribution or gesture to lead you to success.  I hope you will find this information engaging, entertaining, and inspiring that will take you on the journey of success.

Do Yoga Exercise


James Clevinger, Founder