Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular?
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Why Are Natural Yoga Mats In Demand?

Natural yoga mats are growing with demand due to the earth-friendly materials used to make them. They are made with sustainable and renewable resources that are biodegradable so that they won’t pollute the earth. If you’re a yoga beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner you will want to read more.  Learn how these natural yoga mats are more eco-friendly.

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

What Are Natural Yoga Mats?

Natural yoga mats are sometimes referred to as non-slip mats or as non-skid mats. Practicing the art of yoga is the primary use for them. Yoga is physical exercise discipline. It requires a nonslippery surface for its practitioners to perform certain types of movements. Yoga is physically demanding which will produce body sweat while performing the act of yoga exercises. Yoga mats will prevent the hands and feet from slipping while performing yoga poses.

Why Invest In A Natural Yoga Mat?

The biggest reason for using natural yoga mats is simply for ease and comfort on the body.

Here’s an example of something for you to try or visualize in your mind. Kneel down on a hardwood floor with your bare knees while resting all of your body weight on Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?them. Hold this position for an entire minute. After the minute is up, now immediately get up off your knees. How did it feel? How quickly were you able to spring right back up without feeling some sort of discomfort? It’s probably more than likely it wasn’t a pleasant experience for you. Most of all, especially on your aching knees.

If you have physical demands or even physical limitations a natural yoga mat will prove extremely handy.  Even though yoga helps with building physical strength and increase flexibility, you still need a natural yoga mat. Having a natural yoga mat will give you a more pleasant workout experience. You should not have to face painful distractions when you should be focusing on yoga itself.

Take An Environmental Stance With Natural Yoga Mats

It’s a question of how responsible you want to be in taking care of our planet Earth. Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?Everday we are gradually moving towards a more environmentally conscious society. We are constantly finding new ways to replace damaging by-products based on fossil fuels and toxic chemicals found in many things we use today. The ultimate goal is to be able to replace these earth destructive by-products with more sustainable earth-friendly biodegradable products.

We often don’t think about how many everyday products we purchase may contain unhealthy toxic chemicals. We can certainly smell distinct odors from products with petroleum-based or chemical based ingredients that emit from different products we’ve bought in the past. Breathing in and handling them on a daily basis may have some level of effect on our mental and physical well-being.

You will have to determine the importance of this issue and decide what matters to you most. If you feel you want to make a small statement or a tiny gesture then a natural yoga mat may be your ideal choice.  Either way, you are hopefully more aware of the reasons behind the creation of a natural yoga mat.

Natural Yoga Mats Made With Eco-Friendly Materials

Rubber Eco Yoga Mats

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

Natural yoga mats are made from eco-friendly materials that make a lesser impact on the earth. These biodegradable substances are taken from natural resources that can break down into natural elements within the environment without causing major harm or damage. No PVC or harmful plasticizers are included in the manufacturing of natural yoga mats.

Natural rubber trees are primarily used for their non-toxic effect in the making of natural yoga mats. The natural rubber trees are intentionally harvested from non-Amazon rubber tree forests. This responsible act won’t disrupt our natural ecosystem and prevent further depletion of the Tropical Rainforest trees located in South America.

Jute Eco Yoga Mats Are Kinds Of Natural Yoga Mats

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?Jute which is a plant-based vegetable product is another natural fiber material used to make natural yoga mats. It’s an earth-friendly organic material that is very strong and extremely durable. The versatile natural vegetable fibers are able to absorb moisture. It allows for non-slip grip which is ideal for natural yoga mats. Most importantly, jute performs as a naturally sustainable resource and biodegradable in return.

Natural Yoga Mats Versus Synthetic Yoga Mats

There are several kinds of standard yoga mats that may consist of PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride).  According to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer Vinyl Chloride, the chemical chlorine which is the basic building block used to make PVC is a known human carcinogen. According to National Cancer Institute, exposure to vinyl chloride is a toxic chemical known to have serious health effects that may cause cancer in human beings.

The Less Stickier The Natural Yoga Mat The Better!

Yoga exercises are at times very demanding which requires a natural yoga mat that has great grip strength. You will want a natural yoga mat that stays grounded while performing yoga. Having your hands and feet held securely against a natural yoga mat is ideally what you want.

You will need the natural yoga mat to have great traction and cushion while still providing stability for standing poses. It must have a slip-resistant surface and remain consistently firm and flat on all floor types.

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

Natural Yoga Mats Have GRIP!

There is nothing worse when you have the thought of slipping and sliding during a yoga routine while in class.

Yoga will not only require the physical performance but you’re complete concentration as well. You can’t have mishaps occur while performing yoga poses due to an inferior yoga mat that isn’t functioning properly. This may lead to self-inflicted injury to your body or worse case a visit to the hospital’s emergency room.

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Natural Yoga Mats Are An Investment

You have to invest in the yoga props including yoga bags, parallettes, yoga trapeze, and more to be successful in yoga. Investing in a quality natural yoga mat is not a requirement, rather, it’s out of necessity. It’s no different than asking a contractor to leave their hammer at home or a mechanic doesn’t need a wrench to fix a car. The more equipped you are the more likely you will succeed at yoga.

You can make a small contribution to helping our planet by getting a natural yoga mat today!

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

Why Are Natural Yoga Mats So Popular Among The Yoga Community?

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