Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results!

Combining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results

Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results

Power yoga and weight loss have physically transformed the bodies of many people. If you want to burn lots of calories, then power yoga may be for you. Power yoga is a cardiovascular workout that will help to slim and shape your body. The goal of power yoga is to teach you yoga while shedding the weight. For this reason is why many women and men love what power yoga can do for them.

Power Yoga and Weight Loss Inspiration For All

We tend to judge yoga as an unusual type of exercise. Yoga can be a misunderstood art from the perspective of Western culture. Modern Western societies are a reflection of education, religions, careers, and incomes that influence our set of beliefs. There will be conflicting opinions on how we view yoga.

The relationship between social behavior and economics will decide on what we consider the norm. We are raised in an environment that will teach us specific beliefs that shape how we view the world. Our ideas are profoundly impacted based on where we grow up. Some of us may reject yoga by defining it as strange or odd while others of us see it as a healthy alternative. The broad spectrum of beliefs over yoga will depend on our own set of beliefs.

We need to remind ourselves once in awhile to open our minds to things that are different. Of course, change is never easy, but to try something new like yoga can’t hurt us either. There is no right or wrong as to whether we believe in yoga. We just need to give yoga a try. We can then decide whether it’s for us or not.

Get some daily yoga inspiration from this yoga inspired art!

What Is Power Yoga and Weight Loss Based On?

Power yoga is based on the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga training. Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing a series of postures together that will flow from one move to another. You will also coordinate these movements with breath as you flow from one pose to the next. Therefore, you end up synchronizing breath with a continuous flow of postures to generate that power vinyasa flow.

Power Yoga And Weight Loss Results

Power yoga will work your core. It will not only strengthen your muscles, tendons, and ligaments but reduce your body fat as well. Furthermore, it will increase your flexibility range and heighten your stamina.

Power yoga is an intense workout that will make you sweat the calories. It will raise your heart rate and blood flow. You will see positive results from its intense workout routine.

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician or medical professional if you have existing health issues or medical conditions that may cause harm to you before attempting this type of intense exercise program.

Power Yoga and Weight Loss For Beginners Will Need Proper Instructions

Power yoga is a rigorous workout involving the entire body. Spending the time to learn the poses and proper alignment is essential. As beginners, you should learn the break down of each pose. You will then need to focus on alignment and how the pose should feel to you.

As word of caution, please do not rely on free power yoga videos on YouTube to learn it. Many of the YouTube power yoga videos are commercial teasers that won't give you the complete lesson. Many of the free beginner yoga videos are promotional advertisements to get you to join a program in the end.

I recommend you start with the basics of power yoga before attempting it. You will need the right guidance and correct structure to understand what power yoga will require from you. Learning is the essential part of being successful at doing power yoga. Otherwise, you will set yourself up for immediate failure. You never get to appreciate how exhilarating and invigorating power yoga can be as a result.

You must have reasonable expectations for power yoga weight loss to work.

Power Yoga And Weight Loss Workouts

Power yoga workouts will range from time intervals. The classes can be done in as little as 10 minutes and go upwards of an hour. The reason for the time range is partly based on the certified instructor teaching the power yoga courses. The series Combining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Resultsof yoga poses will also contribute to the length of time. Some of the power yoga poses will be more intensive than others which can extend the time to complete the yoga power exercise series.

You shouldn't think of power yoga in terms of time regardless of how long the power yoga course will take to finish. You want to focus on the type of power yoga that interests you. There are beginner courses to the more advanced that you will need to review based on your power yoga experience.

You should also have a connection with the certified yoga instructor teaching the power yoga lessons. I cannot stress enough how important this is to learning yoga in general. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed with the yoga instructor. Otherwise, you will not likely want to participate in future lessons. You may eventually lose interest in power yoga and give up.

Always set a reasonable level of expectations from the power yoga courses you decide to take. You have to keep in mind that power yoga is a mental and physical journey. You don't want to set your goals so high that they become unattainable in the future. I suggest that you write down realistic milestones you want to achieve. Losing weight and getting in shape takes time and effort. If you put in the necessary steps to reach each milestone, you will succeed!

You must write down individual power yoga goals to achieve weight loss success.

Combining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results

Power Yoga And Weight Loss Videos Online

You don't need to visit a yoga studio or attend a yoga class. Power yoga videos are now available online for you to try at home. You will want to try the power yoga videos to see if this is something for you. It's an inexpensive way to initially experience power yoga. Trying a few of the online power yoga videos are an economical way to start off.

I don't want to give a confusing message about yoga studios. Yoga studios are an excellent source to learn power yoga. I am a huge proponent of yoga studios. However, if you are a timid or uncertain beginner who wants to see if power yoga is for you then online power yoga courses may be a better fit for the time being.

After you've taken a few online power yoga classes and discovered power yoga is for you. You may want to physically attend power yoga classes taught at yoga studios near you. There you will be able to expand your learning and further develop your skillset. You may find attending classes with other students might be more socially fun and exciting as well.

The current power yoga videos online are so professionally well done that I think you will enjoy them. All of the online power yoga courses are taught strictly by professional yoga instructors. In fact, all of the instructors are certified and specialize in particular yoga disciplines. They are well-known names within the yoga community.  It will give you comfort knowing the yoga instructors are held in high esteem.

Connect with a certified yoga instructor for a better experience.

Power Yoga and Weight Loss Instructional Videos

The following power yoga video does a great job demonstrating a series of yoga postures. Jackie Casal Mahrou is the certified yoga instructor who is teaching the power yoga lesson. She does a beautiful job walking you through a power yoga routine. She calmly explains the several postures so that you can easily understand her instructions.

Jackie's Brief Bio:

"Jackie has been passionately teaching and practicing yoga in Denver, CO. Believing that yoga can awaken us to the vast capacity of our hearts, minds, and spirits, her intention is to empower her students toCombining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results live boldly and authentically. Jackie’s classes are a combination of enlightening inspiration, graceful movement, alignment, and encouragement. Through her flowing sequences and heart-centered intention she creates an environment for each student to blossom into his or her greatest expression of each yoga posture, and brightest self." - YogaDownload

I wanted to share her story with you for two reasons.

  1. You will want to know a brief history of the yoga instructor's background and experience to help you decide on the power yoga classes of interest to you.
  2. You will want to be able to connect with the yoga instructor to feel comfortable and at ease with their style and method of power yoga teachings.

Power Yoga And Weight Loss Exercises Can Begin Today

Practicing the power yoga workouts to lose weight will work. You're now equipped with some knowledge and understanding of what power yoga will do. The vast library of power yoga video to choose from beginner yoga videos to advanced yoga videos is at your fingertips. You now have to decide on the power yoga video that will meet your workout needs. You can begin your exciting journey to learn power yoga while losing weight by starting right now!

Combining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results

Combining Power Yoga and Weight Loss Will Produce Awesome Results

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  • Hello. Absolutely love the article. It was informative and helpful. I’ve heard a few things about power yoga, but I never knew exactly what it was. I am really excited to try it at home. Can you recommend where I should start? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Nic.

      We’re very pleased that you enjoyed the Power Yoga & Weight Loss article. Our hope is to educate and bring interest to yoga.

      I appreciate your enthusiasm to learn Power Yoga. However, before you begin the Power Yoga & Weight Loss journey, I ask that you read our article “How To Learn Yoga From Home” http://bit.ly/2Cm2i3N as a starting point. You will want to build a solid foundation for understanding yoga as a discipline. The more educated you become the better you will achieve real results.

      Keep your mind open and be willing to work hard at it. You will see and feel the difference from doing it.
      Please stay in contact with us and share your growth.
      Thank you again. James

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