Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct Postures

Yoga Block Exercises To Enhance Postures
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Yoga Block Exercises To Improve Postures

Yoga block exercises will increase the intensity of your yoga workout. Both beginners to advanced yoga practitioners will practice with yoga blocks to improve yoga poses and postures. They will give you a complete body workout. You will add resistance to building core strength, defining muscle, and increasing flexibility with them.

Purpose Of Yoga Block Exercises

Yoga blocks are simple props or essential pieces of exercise equipment that are used by beginners to the more advanced yoga students. They are primarily designed to help with increasing stretch and flexibility of the body. If you’re looking to expand your physique then consider getting yoga blocks.

Think of yoga blocks as an exercise tool for yoga students. You will want to eventually add yoga blocks as part of your collection of yoga exercise equipment. They will nicely complement your yoga mat while practicing more intense yoga poses.

Benefits of Yoga Block Exercises

Flexibility is necessary for yoga students to achieve correct posture. Even the experienced practitioners will want yoga blocks for stretch improvement and flexibility maintenance. Additionally, there are significant benefits yoga blocks will do for your yoga exercise routines.

  • Safely reach deeper into your poses.
  • Maintain your proper form.
  • Improve your alignment.
  • Increase your flexibility.
  • Establish your stability and balance.
  • Increase your strength.
  • Boost your mental focus.

Types Of Yoga Block Exercises

There are several types of yoga blocks available that you will want to try for yourself. I narrowed them down to a few in order to keep it simplified for you.

Each kind of yoga blocks to apply in yoga will depend on the level of difficulty and requirements of the yoga lesson. Some of the yoga blocks are soft for the less intensive yoga while other yoga blocks are much harder for the more intensified yoga exercises.

Please be sure to check with your yoga instructor at the yoga studio or your online yoga instructor for at home yoga first before purchasing them.

Yoga Foam Blocks For Yoga Block Exercises

Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct PosturesFoam yoga blocks will consist of soft, lightweight scratch-resistant foam material. They are available as branded foam blocks or as generic foam blocks. I will be discussing the brand names versus non-brand names later on. What’s important to recognize here is understanding the basics of foam based yoga blocks.

Foam yoga blocks are very sturdy and durable that will last for an extended period. They are designed to withstand heavy usage while practicing yoga exercises. The scratch resistant material is soft and gentle to the touch that allows for more natural physical yoga usage.

They must be able to support much of your weight without compressing, deforming or slipping. It’s critical the foam yoga blocks will hold in a steady position. You won’t have slippage occur during yoga exercises with them. They have beveled edges so you will have ideal contour grip as well.

Yoga Foam Block Choices For Yoga Block Exercises

The standard size of yoga foam blocks is typically 9 inches long x 6 inches wide x 4 inches thick. You may find other sizes available depending on the brand manufacturer and the many online retailers who sell them. The brands will slightly vary from each other, but you should come across this standard size mentioned here.

There are plenty of colors to choose from in foam yoga blocks. They range in the standard primary colors as in blue, red, yellow, black, and much more. There are other color variations available that may peak your interest as well.

Keep in mind with foam yoga blocks that they are NOT heavy or dense. They will be LIGHT on the weight. Sometimes that is good, but other times you might want a more substantial block when performing more intense poses.

Bamboo Yoga Blocks / Wood Yoga Blocks For Yoga Block Exercises

Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct PosturesBamboo yoga blocks are steadily growing in popularity due to its reduced environmental impact on the earth. The material is an abundant and sustainable plant material. It further won’t cause the deforestation of our wood forests as well.

They are very stable and highly functional, but extremely lightweight and much more eco-friendly. They are an ideal choice if you are environmentally conscious.

The standard size of bamboo yoga blocks is typically 9″ long x 6″ wide x 4″ thick. You may find slight size variations. However, these are the typical size you will need. Don’t be visually fooled by them because they appear as bulky, heavy, and cumbersome to handle. They are very lightweight whether you travel to yoga classes or yoga exercise at home. You can quickly set them aside in the corner of the room when not in use.

The color selection of bamboo yoga blocks is very minimal. The natural bamboo color is what you will see in them. They will have that natural wood grain look to them. Chances are you probably won’t find them in another color selection. If you’re trying to contribute in a small way to protect the environment, then you will want to invest in a set of them.

Cork Yoga Block For Yoga Block Exercises

Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct PosturesCork yoga blocks are an alternative kind of yoga block to helping our environment too. They are gaining in popularity among yoga practitioners who share environmental concerns. Cork is a renewable and sustainable material that originates from the bark of Cork Oak Trees.

Cork yoga blocks are incredibly stable, durable, and long-lasting. It won’t lose in solid shape. They consist of a natural material that has a firmness not found in foam blocks.

Additionally, its natural texture will provide secure grip traction. Yoga students love them for their smooth rounded edges and corners. They add comfort and a more natural hand grip during yoga practice. You will feel confident in knowing the support it provides in its excellent grip.

The standard size of cork yoga blocks is typically 9″ long x 6″ wide x 4″ thick. It’s unlikely you will find variations in sizes and dimensions in them. The natural cork appearance is what you will see that’s similar to a cork board you hang on a wall.

They are the perfect travel companion due to their lightness in weight. You can quickly place them into your travel yoga bag when heading out the door for yoga class. If you practice yoga at home, you can set them aside in the room somewhere since they don’t occupy lots of space.

Branded Yoga Blocks Versus Non-Branded Yoga Blocks For Yoga Block Exercises

You will soon discover as your researching online there will be several yoga block brands. During your research, you will come across many off-brand names as well. You will likely get confused as to which brand or non-brand yoga blocks to choose.

There are branded yoga blocks within the yoga community that prefer to practice with. You will have yoga instructors suggest or recommend to you which yoga blocks to purchase for their specific yoga class. It may significantly vary from one yoga instructor to another depending on the requirements of the yoga lesson.

Some yoga classes will require yoga blocks for the advanced yoga students taking more challenging yoga lessons. Other yoga classes for beginner students will need yoga blocks for more basic forms of stretching and balancing techniques. You will also have some yoga students recommend one brand over the other. There will other students that prefer the nonbrand yoga blocks.

I’m sure you will comb through the thousands of online product reviews from customers who had purchased them in the past. Just remember to apply sound judgment when reading the online product reviews. Please read my other products reviews to learn more. I discuss with them as to what to look for in consumer reviews.

Unfortunately, you may have to invest additional time and money to find the correct set of yoga blocks that work for you. It may come down to a case of trial and error until you find the right set of yoga blocks. It’s no different when you go through several pairs of sneakers to find the right pair that makes your feet feel just right.

Brand Name Yoga Blocks For Yoga Block Exercises

Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct Postures

Among the most well-known yoga block brands include Hugger Mugger blocks, Manduka yoga Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct Posturesblocks, and Gaiam yoga blocks. They will withstand repetitive use under the intensive yoga exercise routines. They are very popular among yoga enthusiasts and yoga practitioners that demand high-quality yoga blocks to meet their physical yoga demands.Discover How Yoga Block Exercises Will Correct Postures

Yoga Block Exercises For At Home Practice

You will be able to practice many kinds of yoga movements with yoga blocks at the gym or home. You want to be careful about how you exercise with yoga blocks while performing the different yoga moves. There are safe and sensible ways to execute yoga poses to achieve positive results. There are also harmful and unsound methods that may lead to potential injury you will want to avoid.

I would urge you to seek the guidance and instructions from certified yoga instructors before you even consider trying out yoga blocks. Certified yoga instructors will play crucial roles in teaching you on how to use yoga blocks the right way. Beginner yoga students should learn the basics before attempting to use yoga blocks as props. It’s essential that you learn the proper techniques first before jumping ahead into the more advanced yoga exercises. Even the advanced yoga students will seek the necessary instructions and guidance from certified yoga instructors on how to incorporate yoga blocks.

Here are some short video instructions taught by reputable certified yoga instructors that I recommend you should watch. I suggest viewing these short videos to learn and understand how to use yoga blocks correctly. The accredited instructors do an excellent job of explaining the yoga moves with the yoga blocks included.

Begin Yoga Block Exercises Today!

If you think you're ready to begin or advance your yoga exercise routine with yoga blocks, then I suggest exploring these online yoga courses by starting today!

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  • Hi James. I found your article on yoga blocks very interesting. I had no idea just how serious you need to be with them. I was trying to decide on either to invest in a pair of yoga blocks or just stick with the traditional yoga exercises. Do you suggest I should get them? I don’t have any experience with them. I do yoga occasionally during the week.

    • Hello Ted,

      Thanks for contacting us about the yoga blocks. I would suggest getting familiar with how yoga blocks are to be used correctly before attempting to try them. They can seemingly appear as easy to perform with yoga exercises. However, you should get proper instructions and guidance with an expert first. I highly recommend you connect with a certified yoga instructor at a local yoga studio or view the online yoga courses taught by professional yoga instructors to help you with them.

      Thank you again for your valued questions and concerns.

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